Technical Support for Installation Problems Bathroom
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Technical Support for Installation Problems

By January 4, 2012Bathroom Products

Talking to technical support people is always interesting. Why doesn’t my printer work? Why is my check engine light on? Why does my new shower door leak? We’ve all had those types of conversations with a bored sounding person on the other end of the phone and probably the other end of the world now. They really are bored, too. They have a script that they’re working from. If you make it all the way through their script without solving your problem, you get escalated and they get to pass you to someone else. They’re bored. They’re bored because just about all of the time they could have sorted out the difficulty with one question: Did you read the manual and follow the instructions?

I’ve been out to look a lot of fairly new bathrooms (not ours, by the way) that people say leak or don’t work and want the whole thing replaced. Imagine their surprise when I tell them that the shower door is calked improperly or that their shower valve is installed upside down. Easy fixes most of the time. It would have been even easier to do it right the first time though. To paraphrase the carpenter’s adage of measure twice, cut once: Read first, trust it, do it.

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