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System Tubs

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Thinking about converting your bathroom into your own personal getaway of relaxation? Take a look at this article about some of the different types of system tubs available to you. Hopefully it will help to narrow down which systems will fulfill your desires to achieve your personal at home oasis.



Channel Air System:
Delivers the level of intensity needed to provide a deep tissue massage without punishing the body. Their channel generates constant waves of massaging water overt the body’s muscles and skeletal structure easing the body to relief.


Injection Air System:
Provides a gentler and tactile level of massage. The strategic placement of the injectors follows the meridians of the central nervous system. The design allows the warm air bubbles to flood across these meridians and thereby improve blood flow and respiration.


Ultimate System:
Provides a real and effective personal massage but perform different aspects of a complete massage. They combined these systems into an Ultimate Combination System to provide the most complete massage ranging from a gentle tactile massage all the way up to a whole body deep tissue massage and anywhere between.


Aromatherapy is the addition of oils, salts, elixirs and other homeopathic substances to the bath water used to stimulate specific chemical reactions within the body. Naturally, the addition of these substances is intended to result in healthy and positive chemical reactions and this is a good thing.

Scintillate your senses with a pleasing fragrance of bath oils or bath salts added to your bath. Relax as you revitalize both inside and out, mind and body. Unlike a jetted water system Acryline air baths are not adversely affected by aromatherapy.

The use of light as therapy is an ancient form of holistic medicine that is the subject of intense medical and commercial research. Research shows a direct correlation between light intensity, hue and color to human physiology and psychology. Basically, light therapy can be used to improve physical and mental health.


Colour available through Acryline: Red, Orange, Violet, Blue, Green, Yellow, Aqua, Pink, White



Their Whirlpool massage system projects a powerful blend of water and warm air for a wonderfully invigorating sensation. As the most vigorous of all their systems, the Whirlpool system provides a deep muscular massage. It stimulates body, blood flow and the lymphatic system, favors oxygenation of the muscles, and relieves stress due to tension. A true moment of renewal.

The Whirlpool system projects water and warm air through adjustable, directional jets located strategically along the vertical contour of the bathtub.


Back Jets:
Abandon yourself to the soothing action of water on your back and shoulder muscles. Soon you’ll fell your muscle tension replaced by a wonderful feeling of relaxation, reminiscent of the experienced hands of a massage professional.

Created using the expertise of massage professionals, the back jets work in combination with the Whirlpool system. Located strategically in the bathtub’s backrest, micro-rotating back jets energetically propel the water on critical parts of your back and shoulders. You can adjust the water pressure for a massage that is more relaxing or more energetic depending on your needs.


Mass-Air creates the delightful experience of floating softly on air. Like a cushion of air gently lifting your body, it literally surrounds you with soothing bubbles. You experience the soft touch of a gentle relaxing massage. You can also customize your experience by adjusting the system’s intensity. Add foot and back jets to maximize the massaging effect.

The Mass-Air system propels warm air into the water through injectors located on the bottom and on the backrests of the bathtub. Multiple outlets in each injector create the impression of an embracing cushion of air.


The Activ-Air massage system recreates the stimulating effect of bathing in the oxygenated water of rapids. As a gentle and soothing swirl, the Activ-Air system maximizes the therapeutic effects of relaxation. It is also possible to customize the experience by adjusting the intensity.

The Activ-Air massage system includes dozens of micro-injectors strategically located along the bottom of the bathtub contour and in the backrest. Warm air is then injected into the water creating thousands of bubbles that completely envelop your body. Complete the experience by adding micro-jets at the feet and Activ-Air + system, a series of micro-jets on the bottom of the bathtub that literally create the effect of a cushion of air.


The Tonic massage system combines water and warm air to immerse you in comforting effervescence. Both relaxing and invigorating, each cycle produces a wonderful caressing sensation that embraces your whole body. Plus, three preprogrammed cycles allow you to adjust the intensity and to customize the experience according to your taste and needs.

The Tonic massage system blends water and warm air in a completely innovative way. The water pump, air blower and tubing converge towards eight injectors built-in to the vertical contour of the bathtub. This clever design ensures the best mix of water and air from injectors that produce thousands of champagne-like bubbles that envelop your body from neck to toe.


Make the most of the experience by combining their different systems. Benefit from a complete range of massages that can relax or stimulate you depending on your mood or need. Produits Neptune proposes four combo options. To know which options are available with your chosen bathtub, please refer to bathtub’s page.

Combination Systems:






Add colors to your experience. Take advantage of their beneficial effect on body and mind. The mood they create in your bathroom will captivate you. Chromatherapy is the ideal complement to any Produits Neptune massage system.

Built-in to the contour of the bathtub, their chromatherapy system is composed of one, two or four powerful lights of clean design adapted to the style of your bathtub, which can create a relaxing or energizing ambiance depending on the color you choose.




Air Massage:
Their state-of-the-art perimeter air injection systems ripple lightly along your skin with a refreshing touch comparable to an ocean breeze that relieves the oppression of a balmy summer day.

You’ll feel nearly weightless as thousands of bubbles waft around you, enhancing the sensation of natural buoyancy and further easing the pressure on achy muscles and joints. Meanwhile, these tiny pillows of air caress your skin to stimulate your circulatory system, revitalize your body, eliminate toxins and ensure superior relaxation. Climb aboard and ride a long easy wave into the sunset every day.

Air Massage Systems: Aerofeel, Aeroeffect, Aerosense, Aeroeffect Pearl CS


Water Massage:
Warm water pulsing against your body holds remedial powers praised since the dawn of recorded history. Relieving insomnia, lessening the pain of arthritis, vanquishing stresses and strains – physical and mental: people have documented these abilities on papyrus and on hard drives the world round.

Seek an intense targeted massage to alleviate sore muscles or find solace in a sinuous current against your body. It’s up to you. The only pressure here is from precision jets set for state of bliss you desire most.

MAAX advanced whirlpool systems offer the sensational tactile experience you deserve to assist you on the way to overall well-being.

Water Massage Systems: Hydrofeel, Hydromax, True Whirlpool, Maax Professional Whirlpool, Hydrosense, Microjet, True Whirlpool Pearl


Combined Massage:
Experiment and discover your perfect combination of the pulsating healing ability of water massage and the gentle reassuring ripple of air jets. Activate their water and air systems together for maximum effect or devise an alternating program that fulfills you head to toe, in and out – body, mind and soul.

Combination Systems:



Top massage therapists helped design Backmax to provide the ultimate experience in luxurious hydrotherapy. Strategically positioned pulsating and rotating massage jets knead away tension with intense cascading water streams that commence on your upper shoulders and glide down to your lower back.


Footmax focuses on the body’s internal harmonies that connect precise locations on the soles of one’s feet to muscles and systems throughout. Flowing water jets will massage various pressure points on each of your feet triggering the relief of stress, easing of tension, and alleviation of the many aches and pains you carry around.


Rest Whirlpool System:
The gadgets and grind of modern society obscure these natural rhythms of life. Get back in touch with such sounds of solitude and you attune your mind and body to a holistic, harmonious state.


Experience this or another beautiful internal journey during every bath by adding just a few drops of the essential oil of your choice to MAAX’s AromaScents. Their built-in diffuser creates a gentle scented mist that guides you to the destination of your choosing. Try the cool, refreshing scent of eucalyptus to open nasal passages and clear the mind or perhaps the tangy and tart aroma of grapefruit for a boost of energy after a tiring day.


Set your bath water aglow with the green abundant in the nature’s bounty for a sense of woodsy calm or instead choose the vibrant red of fire to rekindle your internal flame. Have fun discovering which of seven shades available in their Chromatherapy system suits you and your state of mind best. Try one color per session or let a kaleidoscope of color wash over you by having them alight in a pre-programmed sequence.

These built-in LED lights, available on most MAAX bathtubs and shower tubs, make the perfect complement to any of our other tub spa therapies to give you a complete, colorful experience.


Heat Therapy:
Melt away your pains, anxieties and stresses with ThermaZoneā„¢,Ā  a heated backrest of truly epic proportions.


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