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Modern Customer Service

By November 22, 2011Bathroom Products

I must be getting a little jaded as I “gather life experience”. Ok, as I get older, not always as gracefully as I might like. I know I’m dating myself when I say this, but I remember when self-serve became an option at gas stations. You were charged a lower price if the station had to do less work. That makes sense to me.

Now I walk into a grocery store or Home Depot and a courteous clerk pressures me to use their self checkout. The first time it happened, I thought “This is great! I can save a bit on the bill by doing their work.” So I asked what the discount was for doing their job. The clerk was flabbergasted. I was told that there wasn’t a discount but that it was much faster and easier. Sure, for them. I figure that since I’m paying for the service anyway, off I go to a normal register. The clerk asks me if I want bags. Of course I want bags, I’ve got a cart full of groceries and not a bag or bin in sight. I’m told that there’s a charge for the bags and then after he’s rung everything in he hands me the bags and points to the groceries. Apparently I’m now doing his job too. I ask if I get a discount for this. The look I got in response was answer enough.

I know that you can’t walk into a bathroom showroom and walk out with a bathroom in a bag. We do offer the next closest thing though. We offer customer service here. It’s not something you find anymore. When you buy a bathroom or a kitchen, you shouldn’t have to run all over town to find your fixtures, faucets, and everything else.

When you invest in a renovation, you should be able to sit down, and buy a finished job where everything just happens with little to no effort on your part. That’s customer service. It’s what we do. Think of it like this: We’re a full-serve station. We’re going to bag your renovation and carry it home for you. It’s customer service the old fashioned way. It’s what we do.