How to Choose Kitchen and Bathroom Materials for a Remodel
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When it is time to remodel your kitchen or start a bathroom renovation project, the large variety of different products available can make your choices very difficult. As always your choice will be highly influenced by the amount you want to invest in your remodelling project.  Here we will explain the five major types of products available, and the benefits and drawbacks of using them in your kitchen or bathroom remodel.




wood: bathroom and kitchen reno materialAll species of wood are available (eg. maple, hickory, walnut, teak and so on).

Benefits:  Hardwood is a luxury material.  Hardness of the product makes its lifespan last a really long time.  It can also be sanded down and refinished.  The product can be finished in unlimited choices of opacities, stains and finishes or it can be painted in any color of your choice.

Drawback: Most certainly, the price and also, wood tends to warp in a humid environment.



acrylicAcrylic is a process of layering a film of Methacrylate that is a flexible plastic fibre over an MDF or HDF base.  The finish result is a high gloss look.

Benefits: The look only an acrylic finish can create; modern and unique.  It is very easy to maintain and the life span is really long compared to melamine.

Drawback: Less durable than wood and it cannot be repaired when broken.


melamineMelamine is a product that has been around for ages but it has also been improved over the years.  It is now more resistant than when it was first introduced. Composition is MDF panel covered with a sheet of melamine.

Benefits: Melamine is very affordable.  Melamine is now offered in a variety of imitation finishes and is really easy to clean.

Drawback: Melamine is relatively less durable than wood and it can’t be repaired once broken.

PVC and Polyester

Both materials are a really good alternative to melamine.  They are a little more expensive but better resistance in everyday usage.  Price points are comfortable and are about the same in both products.  The difference between the two is in the assembly and composition.

PVC construction materialPVC is an MDF base panel covered with PVC that is molded to all contours with the processes of heat. The base can be composed of multiple pieces. Joints are on the inside of the doors.

Polyester is typically a 5 pieces MDF base assembly covered with a sheet of polyester molded to the base. It is molded on all sides in the process, which is what makes its lifespan longer.

Post written by Taniya Lawrence
Interior designer at Kitchens and Bathrooms First