Often the first question that comes to mind when considering a kitchen or bathroom renovation is how much will this project cost?

There are many things that will influence a project’s cost: basic construction issues, such as repairing existing conditions in the home, which would depend on the age of the home, to client selections for cabinets, appliances and finishes; if the layout is changing and walls are being re-located, or being removed, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing upgrades. There are so many variables that come into play.

Typically a kitchen renovation would cost between $25K and $75K. The cost of a new kitchen could be compared to the cost of a new car, what type of car? Will it be a basic Chevy or a fully loaded BMW? It is all about the options.

We will need to understand more about the actual project details and requirements to arrive at a more accurate cost for a particular kitchen renovation project. Let’s consider two different kitchen renovations.

The Basic Kitchen Renovation

A $20,000 to $30,000 kitchen renovation might include:

  1. The same structure as your current kitchen. By keeping the appliances and fixtures in the same locations and keeping the space intact, there’s little need to redo plumbing and electrical work.
  2. Simple lighting.  Standard lighting would be included as opposed to many recessed pot lights.
  3. Basic appliances. No built-in appliances, warming drawers, wine coolers, microwave drawers and so on.
  4. Ceramic tile backsplash and vinyl or laminate flooring whether it’s the backsplash, flooring or other surfaces, using less expensive materials will help you keep costs down.
  5. Standard cabinetry. Keep your costs down by reusing the existing cabinets, or installing a few new cabinets this may be all that you need to get the function and style you’re looking for. Look at your existing cabinets to determine their condition, size and whether it makes sense for them to remain or be replaced.
  6. Laminate counters. Laminates have developed quite a bit over the past few years. With better edge designs and photo printing, it’s easy to save the money and use laminate. Dressing up the edge is one really nice and inexpensive way to make a laminate counter shine.

The Mid- to Upper-Range Kitchen Renovation

A $35,000 to $75,000 kitchen renovation might include:

  1. A total rework of the space. Everything, including the kitchen sink, may need to be moved, which means new plumbing, electrical, mechanical and so on.
  2. Professional-style appliances. Counter depth or built in stainless steel refrigerator, induction cook top, double wall ovens, convection ovens.
  3. Custom cabinetry. Detailed solid wood doors with a custom stain and glaze in nonstandard sizes with all the accessories make for a beautiful and functional kitchen at a cost.
  4. Custom lighting solutions. Pot lights, accent lighting and under cabinet lighting
  5. Quality hardware.  Soft close hinges, drawers, upgraded door and drawer pulls.
  6. Premium flooring. Wood or porcelain tile or a stone floor will be more costly than a vinyl sheet or laminate.
  7. Solid Surface counters and a glass tile backsplash. A quartz or natural stone material such as granite will certainly be more costly than a laminate top. For some, the look and feel of these materials is worth the extra cost.
  8. Custom storage. With custom cabinets come opportunities for integrated storage solutions, pull outs, and organizers

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Standard Bathroom Renovation

Our typical $10,000.00+ standard bathroom renovation package would consist of the following:

  • Complete removal and disposal of your existing toilet, bathroom flooring, baseboard, wall tile and tile backer board in the tub area, bath tub, vanity, tub/shower valve, tub spout, vanity cabinet, counter top, mirror and accessories.
  • Your new bathroom would include the supply and installation of new plywood subfloor and ceramic floor tile or sheet vinyl flooring. New 60” bathtub, tile backer board and ceramic wall tile in the tub surround, new tub/shower valve and tub spout, vanity, counter top, sink, lavatory faucet and toilet. Complete painting of the bathroom, walls, ceiling and trim. Installation of mirror and accessories. A complete new bathroom!

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